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Hi there, I'm Sam and I am 16. I come from a place called Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, and I'm currently a full time student at sixth form, in year 12, where I am studying Biology, English, Psychology, and Sociology, how fun!

I began my blog as I have always been interested in beauty and fashion for all of my life, and I have considered starting a blog many times before. But finally, now I feel that I have enough knowledge to share my opinions with people, and hopefully be able to make a blog that people will want to read! Although, I've probably chose the worst time, as things are starting to get busy for me! 

Outside of school, my hobbies previously included dance which I loved and did for around 8 years from when I was about 4, but unfortunately I had to give it up due to the demands of school, meaning I had very little time. However now, my hobbies involve going out with my friends usually shopping or going for a coffee whenever we get a spare minute.  I also love spending time and going out with my family, I have a older sister who is 18 and currently at the Royal Northern College of Music, and a twin, who like me is at sixth form. 

Anyway I feel like I've rambled on enough about me so there you go! 

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Thank you! 

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