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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Review: Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (The Body Shop)

I bought this product on a trip to Covent Garden with friends, and after using up any primers that I had left I was on the look out for a new one that I hadn't tried before. After wandering around the Body Shop for ages as usual, my friend Chloe pointed out this pore minimiser and primer to me as she had tried this before and loved it.

When seeing this product I was instantly interested, as I have often felt self conscious about visible pores around my nose and sometimes on my cheeks, when wearing a foundation with a medium to heavy coverage. So when I saw a primer with these pore minimising properties I was instantly sold. Also, after chatting to the sales assistant she pointed me to an offer where the primer (£7.50) came along with a small bottle of tea tree oil for just £10, which I thought was really good value.

When first trying out this product I was instantly impressed. For the best results I used this after cleansing, toning, and moisturising, just before my makeup. Well the same as any primer really haha! When first putting it on my face my skin felt instantly refreshed from the tea tree, and the texture was extremely smooth, it just glided on! I think that however the most positive property of this product however, is the non oily consistency, I have often found with primers that there can be a almost sticky residue left over but with this one, it instantly sunk in to the skin, which I though was extremely good.

The one and only downside or negative that I can think about this product is the appearance of the primer itself, as it is a strange creamy yellow colour, which isn't the nicest! However really this is it irrelevant as it quickly sinks in to the skin leaving a transparent finish so overall there aren't any negatives that I can think of! 

So overall I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, especially those with combination or oily skin, it works a treat! Also I think at just £7.50 it is great value for money so I'd definitely give it a try! 

Thank you reading, and please feel free to comment on your opinions of this product, I'm really interested to hear you views! Also if there are any suggestions or products that you want me to review I would be more than happy to do so. 

Love From, 

Samantha Natalie x 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review of Rimmel Match Perfection- Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation

I bought this foundation as a impulse buy really, after running out of my trusty bodyshop products. I had heard the good reviews from many bloggers about this foundation and I thought I'd give it a go! The price of this was relatively cheap at around £9 in comparison to my previous foundations which were around £15. 

When I first applied the foundation I was pleasantly surprised by then unoily and smooth texture( idk if that's then correct word sorry! ) on my face. Also when applied a brush I found that the foundation left a good finish. 

Another thing that I noticed about this foundation however, is the sheerness of it. This property could be seen as both positive or negative depending on your skins needs. For example when I am having a good skin day I find this foundation gives just the right amount of coverage, but however, on days where I have breakouts on my skin I feel that the coverage of the foundation is not quite enough to keep the blemishes hidden. However with the use of a good concealer, ( I personally love collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer) I think the problem of coverage can be avoided.

Overall I think that for the price of the foundation, it is very good value for money, and I recommend it to any one who wants a relitively light coverage for their skin. However for those who seek a more opaque or covered look, this may not turn out as the perfect foundation for you! 

I would love to hear your views and experiences with this product, and if anyone has any suggestions on certain products they would like me to review, I will of course consider them! Also I am open to reviewing sent items if I am first contacted via email, which is shown on my contact page! 

Please feel free to comment! 

Love from, 

Samantha Natalie x 

P.S I'm really sorry for the quality of the photo, my camera is playing up! 

Hello Again!

 Hello everyone!

For what seems like a lifetime I haven't posted on this blog, and I can only apologise as I have been super super busy with things such as school and exams (such fun not!). But now I am back once again, and I am determined to post more regularly, and change the subject of my blog ever so slightly.

Previously on this blog, my posts were a mismatch of subjects, hauls, tutorials, random lifestyle posts, and generally me rambling. But now I am going to try and structure my blog for fashion and beauty tutorials and reviews. Well if I can stick to that haha!

Anyway with that said, I want to thank any followers to sticking with me whilst I've been way to busy for my own good, and I promise a new blog post really really soon!

Lots of Love,

Samantha Natalie x